Cinnamon Productions – Dog Friendly

Cinnamon Productions in Rancho Santa Margarita has delicious food and they have a dog friendly patio.

We usually like to eat breakfast here on the weekends after a hike in Holy Jim’s. The breakfast is tasty as well as their lunch. They also have fabulous desserts: cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc. All yummy! And the best part is your doggy can tag along!

Cinnamon Productions is located at:
22342 El Paseo, Suite 1
RSM, CA 92688

Visit their website by clicking here


Bow Tie Collars, etc.

I came across the cutest dog collars today while clicking around on Etsy! (Thanks to BeaCrafty who I posted about a few weeks back.)

SillyBuddy has the cutest bow tie collars I have ever seen! As well as leashes and regular (non bow tie) collars.

Please check out some of my faves below (my very fav is the one their dog Buddy is sporting):






Please make sure to check out SillyBuddy by clicking here!


I know, I know sunglasses or goggles for your dog. Really?
I never thought we would need doggles for Betsie, until we started taking our Boston Whaler back and forth to Catalina. Betsie can’t see the entire time because it’s open air and the wind just causes her hair and ears to fly right in her eyes.
Well, I can’t wait to use these ever-so-chic doggles this summer and see how she does.
After experiencing her difficulty with so much wind in her face, I now have a clear understanding of why dog owners have been using this nifty little invention. And honestly, I’m seeing them more and more.

Another perk is the protection from the sunshine.

G.W. Little has some cute pairs. Especially these fun leopard print ones below:


Please make sure to visit G.W. Little for more information.

Here are some pictures I took recently of some dogs sporting doggles:



Modern Bowls & Stands by Doca Pet

If your looking for something modern and unique for your dog to eat and drink from, then you must check out Doca Pets.

And if you are a member of Guilt Groupe, these products are on sale today through tomorrow.

Take a look at some of my faves below.




Don’t forget to visit Doca Pet by clicking here!

Fabulous Dog ID Tags

If you have been looking for cute dog ID tags then you must visit Bea Crafty. I had found many cute ones on Etsy, but found Bea’s to be exactly what I had been looking for.
These are all handmade and Bea has many different options to choose from. And is great to work with!

I included a few options below. As well as Ms. Betsie sporting hers.





Visit Bea’s Etsy shop by clicking here!

For the Environmentally Friendly Dog Owner

I just found out about this incredible line of products by Harry Barker.  Along with being ISO Certified this company is also committed to creating environmentally friendly products. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Rectangle Hemp Stripe Beds











Rectangle Toile Beds









Love these super cute Leopard Bowls!!!






And these colorful bamboo bowls!








Cute Fish & Safari Toys!!!






This has to be one of the most fabulous ways of storing your dogs food & treats!






Make sure to visit Harry Barker’s website to see more amazing goodies!  They have collars, leashes and treats too!

Life jackets

We have had the most gorgeous weather lately in SoCal, so we have been hitting up the beach and paddleboarding a lot recently.  Since Betsie is constantly jumping in the water we started using a life jacket.  It’s safer with all of the boats around, other paddleboarders, etc.  Last Summer I did some research and found that Outward Hound makes the best and most cost friendly life jackets. 
You can purchase them through Outward Hound directly, or visit your local PetSmart.

Cute Dog Collars, Leashes & Accessories by My Mascot

I just found the cutest dog accessories by My Mascot. I had been looking for waterproof collars (since Betsie loves to swim) and finally came across them here. They also have the cutest nautical leashes and collars, as well as other cute accessories. You must check them out! They have a great Sale area as well.
Here is my recent collar purchase, as well as a few other items I thought were cute:







Visit My Mascot at