For the Environmentally Friendly Dog Owner

I just found out about this incredible line of products by Harry Barker.  Along with being ISO Certified this company is also committed to creating environmentally friendly products. 

Here are some of my favorites:

Rectangle Hemp Stripe Beds











Rectangle Toile Beds









Love these super cute Leopard Bowls!!!






And these colorful bamboo bowls!








Cute Fish & Safari Toys!!!






This has to be one of the most fabulous ways of storing your dogs food & treats!






Make sure to visit Harry Barker’s website to see more amazing goodies!  They have collars, leashes and treats too!


Best Treats Ever!!!

So a few weeks ago we are hanging out with some friends . . . they show up with a couple little gifts for Betsie.  One of them being ‘Milo’s Kitchen – Chicken Meatballs’.  Betsie LOVES these things.  I mean really, really loves these.  It’s pretty much the only treat she will eat these days. 

You can buy them at Target stores.  Or my fiance and I recently found the huge motherload bag at Costco. 

Here is a link to Milo’s Kitchen website:
And here is a quick picture of these little meatballs of goodness: