Portable Bowls by Outward Hound that we Love!

These portable bowls are great for many reasons.  Since they come in a pack of 3, my fiance and I each carry 1 in our car.  You won’t believe how many times they have come in so handy.  We have never used it for food, just water.  These bowls make it so convenient to be able to carry it pretty much at all times, and give little Betsie water when/if needed.  Sometimes running around doing errands takes a little longer then expected.  Or maybe you decide to grab a bite to eat.  If you have your little doggy with you, then there is no problem hanging out a little longer then expected.  The 3rd bowl is kept with Betsie’s stuff so we can conveniently grab it on the go, or pack it in her bag when we are traveling.  The other nice part is that it folds up pretty small so I can fit it in my “fanny pack” when we are on long hikes, etc. or in my purse.  We have been using the same 3 bowls for almost 2 years now, so they hold up quite well.   






You can purchase these by visiting Outward Hounds website:  http://www.myoutwardhound.com/oh00950.html