Holy Jims Hike – Trabuco Canyon


This is a great easy hike! It’s about 5.12 miles roundtrip (from parking lot, to the waterfall, and back). I can tell you that just getting to the parking lot is a journey in itself. There are tons of potholes, branches, rocks, etc. If it’s raining you most likely won’t make it very far. But . . . when you do get there, this hike is amazing! You feel like you are far away from civilization. The trailhead is gorgeous with tree tunnels, and huge sycamores, oaks and pines. And the best thing, the air is so fresh!

From Interstate 5, get off at El Toro Road. Head north on El Toro to the point where the road forks at Cook’s Corner. Take the right fork (Live Oak Canyon Road) past O’Neill Park. A quarter mile past Trabuco School, you will pass over Trabuco Creek. Turn left onto the dirt road. Some people park here and hike in: this adds 4.45 miles and 840 feet to your hike. Most continue on the road for another 4.45 miles and park in the Holy Jim lot.


Cute Dog Gear & Crate Covers

I recently discovered Bowhaus NYC.  They have the cutest crate covers!  Perfect if your dog, like Betsie sleeps in their crate every night in your bedroom.  These covers will make the crate more stylish and not look so crate-ish in your bedroom.  No matter where your dogs crate is, these are a must!
Red Toile Crate Cover







Please make sure to visit Bowhaus NYC!  They have other cute items: dog collars, travel carriers and cute accessories for your doggy.

Point Loma Walk

No better way to kick off the day then to do a walk along Kellogg Beach!
We have had beautiful weather down in San Diego the last few days!
We love to walk along the path of Kellogg Beach, go past the San Diego Yacht Club and over to Shelter Island.
Also, the folks in the neighborhood leave bowls with water out for all of the dogs walking along the path.





Portable Bowls by Outward Hound that we Love!

These portable bowls are great for many reasons.  Since they come in a pack of 3, my fiance and I each carry 1 in our car.  You won’t believe how many times they have come in so handy.  We have never used it for food, just water.  These bowls make it so convenient to be able to carry it pretty much at all times, and give little Betsie water when/if needed.  Sometimes running around doing errands takes a little longer then expected.  Or maybe you decide to grab a bite to eat.  If you have your little doggy with you, then there is no problem hanging out a little longer then expected.  The 3rd bowl is kept with Betsie’s stuff so we can conveniently grab it on the go, or pack it in her bag when we are traveling.  The other nice part is that it folds up pretty small so I can fit it in my “fanny pack” when we are on long hikes, etc. or in my purse.  We have been using the same 3 bowls for almost 2 years now, so they hold up quite well.   






You can purchase these by visiting Outward Hounds website:  http://www.myoutwardhound.com/oh00950.html

Central Bark – Irvine

Betsie enjoys heading over to Central Bark off of Sand Canyon in Irvine to go see her dog friends.  I have to say this is one of the cleanest and well maintained dog parks around the area.  This place has a small dog area and large dog area.  The other people hanging out are always nice and friendly.  And there are places to sit and hang out while your dog is running around.  Or sitting right next you like Betsie usually is.  She is so funny.  Some days she loves to run around the entire time and other days she just wants to sit right next to us and just watch.  The other thing that is nice about this park is that they are open very early and into the late evening.  So for everyone that has that 9-5 job, this is the perfect dog park for you!

Central Bark
6405 Oak Canyon Road
6:30 am – 10:00 pm daily
Closed Wednesday’s for maintenance

Best Treats Ever!!!

So a few weeks ago we are hanging out with some friends . . . they show up with a couple little gifts for Betsie.  One of them being ‘Milo’s Kitchen – Chicken Meatballs’.  Betsie LOVES these things.  I mean really, really loves these.  It’s pretty much the only treat she will eat these days. 

You can buy them at Target stores.  Or my fiance and I recently found the huge motherload bag at Costco. 

Here is a link to Milo’s Kitchen website:  http://miloskitchen.com/
And here is a quick picture of these little meatballs of goodness:

Irvine North Lake

Today we went on a walk around the North Lake in Woodbridge (Irvine).
This is a beautiful walk! Lots of other dogs, friendly people, ducks, geese and some people are even fishing!
Great place to go to tire your doggy out.