I know, I know sunglasses or goggles for your dog. Really?
I never thought we would need doggles for Betsie, until we started taking our Boston Whaler back and forth to Catalina. Betsie can’t see the entire time because it’s open air and the wind just causes her hair and ears to fly right in her eyes.
Well, I can’t wait to use these ever-so-chic doggles this summer and see how she does.
After experiencing her difficulty with so much wind in her face, I now have a clear understanding of why dog owners have been using this nifty little invention. And honestly, I’m seeing them more and more.

Another perk is the protection from the sunshine.

G.W. Little has some cute pairs. Especially these fun leopard print ones below:


Please make sure to visit G.W. Little for more information.

Here are some pictures I took recently of some dogs sporting doggles:




Life jackets

We have had the most gorgeous weather lately in SoCal, so we have been hitting up the beach and paddleboarding a lot recently.  Since Betsie is constantly jumping in the water we started using a life jacket.  It’s safer with all of the boats around, other paddleboarders, etc.  Last Summer I did some research and found that Outward Hound makes the best and most cost friendly life jackets. 
You can purchase them through Outward Hound directly, or visit your local PetSmart.